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#6 Maintain Your AC Equipment

“…Invest in duct cleaning services regularly to keep your system functioning smoothly. If your ducts are blocked, your AC unit works too hard to push air through. Worse, debris buildup in your ductwork negatively affects your indoor air quality by allowing allergens like dust, pollen and mildew to be released into your home.

Change or clean your air filters at least once a month. Invest in HEPA air filters to further improve indoor air quality. Especially when summer heat gets extreme, it’s important to ensure that the air in your home is clean. Heat exacerbates respiratory disorders, and ineffective air filtration is a quick way to fan the flames…”

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Credit: https://www.theontimeexperts.com/6-ways-to-prevent-ac-equipment-overload-during-droughts-and-heat-waves/